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In Nutshell

Multiple Coordinators

Up to 15 co-ordinators can be invited to the event with each having the functionalities of controlling their mic, webcam and other resources.

Add Multimedia

Videos and study resources from external websites can be added to the webinar in order to make the webinar exciting and eventful.

Remind Your Attendees

Continuous reminder emails and registration confirmation support for all your attendees. Updates are sent 24 hours before, 1 hour before, and 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.

No Delays

Get instant live streaming access using HQWebinar. With minimum latency and access gaps, you get to enjoy high engagement rates and convenient feedbacks in real time.

True HD

The framework helps you share your video resources (system screen, webcams or other video resources) in a high definition mode.

Smooth Screen Sharing

Flexible screen sharing options allow you to customize the video sharing experience, where you can share entire video screen or specific experiences. Additionally, you can share videos and screen from up to 3 resources at the same time.

Instant Chat Option

Enjoy a real-time chat experience with your attendees using the chat boxes. Let them ask their queries and doubts which can be solved using instant feedbacks.

Waiting Lounge

A virtual waiting room for the attendees where they can browse through useful information and resources while waiting for the event.

Recorded Events

All the events are regularly recorded in HD format to ensure that the information is available for the attendees even after the end of the webinar.

Replay Later

Share the webinar experience with your attendees and other registrants to let them get a hang of the eventful experience.

Detailed Stats

Get all the statistical information like a number of attendees, absentees, the number of completions and dropouts etc. during your performance.

Revolutionary Serverless BDN

With Serverless BDN in place, HQWebinar is truly the webinar platform of the future! Not dependent on a single server, this BDN system provides better speed and better performance to separate HQWebinar from its competition.

Over $10,000 in Jv Prizes


June 2018

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Our USPs

Peer to Peer technology

It is a de-centralized network created when two or more PCs are connected and share resources without the need of a separate server computer. The bridge i.e. the server computer is removed which means that unlike the server based networks this de-centralized network can never go down as long as there are atleast two PCs in the network.

Stress Tested

Testing is important for a products working but what is more important is to test the product at its breaking limit to ensure its stability and reliablity. We have tested HQ-Webinar with 32000 virtual nodes connected simultaneously to our network and it worked like a charm. We test is continuously and push harder to give smooth experience to out customers.

High Quality

As mentioned, our testing team has thoroughly tested the product to give you a very enriching and smooth experience. Incase of any support related issues we have our support team with an amazing 2 hour response time. We will walk with you till we solve your problem. It is our commitment.

Broadcast Delivery Network

Inorder to speed up the access and delivery of the content we have setup a distributed network. It works on peer to peer technology i.e. the participant of your webinar who is far away from you need not fetch the video from server/datacenter that is in some isolated corner of the world. The video content would be fetched from his nearest attendee using our Broadcast Delivery Network. It would also bring down the latency to almost zero.

ZERO Latency

Its simple. It would take you less time to travel a smaller distance than it would take to travel a longer one. We have distributed the content all around the globe. So, it would make the latency negligible.

HQWebinar in action

Seamlessly Integrate With:

Paypal, Mailchimp, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, iContact, Infusionsoft, Sendlane, aWeber, Constant Contact, Benchmark, 1ShoppingCart, Zapier.

Game Changer Feature Of HQWebinar Emppowering You to Host your Webinar without any glitch.

Do Our Products Convert?

Jai Sharma’s Consecutive 16 Launch Track Record In Last 3 Years

Average Launch Revenue: $156,812.50
(After 16 Software Launches)

We Always Convert great in Funnel without Fail. Justice With Every Single Is Our Goal

Why Promote HQWebinar?

  1. First and only platform where users can share and sell their webinars
  2. Host both paid and free webinars
  3. HQWebinar doesn’t charge any commission from your clients webinar sales
  4. Your clients money is directly credited to their PayPal account in real time
  5. Customer are literally looking for ways to get their hands on such software & are willing to pay premium for it
  6. Our Funnel Always Convert. Expect more revenue in less clicks. Average price of $450+ and EPC of $10+ is our routine
  7. We are Hardcoding all the leads during prelaunch so you don't miss a single penny on the lead you send
  8. We Pay Handsomely to our JVs via many contest throughout our launch period. This will be no different with Over $10,000 in JV Prizes
  9. Consistent 6 Fig. Launch Record (16 Continuous 6 Fig. Launch ) We’re Known for our High Converting Sales Videos & Proven to Convert Sales Pages In Industry. We’re masters of High Converting Funnel, Copies & Videos.
  10. Having the Trust of 3000+ Users, Mananging 20,000+ Pages and Generating Profits daily

JV Prize Details

*To be eligible to win a leads leaderboard prize, Your Front end Conversion should be minimum of 5% in launch.

For Example: If you send 100 Leads in Leads Contest, You should do minimum of 5 Front End Sales to be eligible for prize money

Please Note: We reserve the right to reduce the lead prize or remove all together if the leads are found to be significantly lower quality than what we are experiencing across the board.

Launch: Max Revenue Contest

*Contest Policies: To be eligible to win one of the sales leaderboard prizes, you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize.
If this criteria is not met, then your prize money will equal your commissions.


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