Calling All The Married & Singles. Those who are serious about making a success of marriage

Monday May 18, 2020 11:00 pm (UTC -04:00)


Singles. You are not a sheep being led blindfolded to the slaughter. 

For many years people have depicted marriage as an institution that you must enter by trial and error, with if's and but's and maybe,s.


I will prove to you in this free webinar that you can enter marriage with a calm confidence that your marriage can become a success story. You don't have to become another divorce statistic. The only safeguard against a bad marriage is to prepare for a good one. 


Did you know the divorce rate is reduced by 33% when people have proper  premarital education?


If this free webinar you will learn:

The 9 Fundamental components of marriage that you need to understand, if you are a have a stunningly successful marriage. EVERY SINGLE MUST KNOW THESE BEFORE THEY MARRY, ELSE, THEY COULD BE ENTERING MARRIAGE LIKE A LAMB TO THE SLAUGHTER. 


When you attend the webinar, you'll receive 

1. A free copy of my E-Book: A close look at Love, Sex and Relationships for Singles.

2. My PDF of the 25 questions you must discuss with your partner before you say "I do".


My plan is to create a new generation of informed singles entering marriage, so you cannot be browbeaten, pushed around, or abused. Will you be among them?

If so, enroll in the free webinar and I'll see you in the studio.


Meet your presenter.

Lloyd Allen

Author, speaker and family advocate

Trained Marriage & Family Therapist

Trained Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

Counseling couples and families for 24 years

It will be a meeting with a difference

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