Mind and Money - The Secret Webinar Series - module 4 of 10

Friday May 24, 2019 10:30 am (UTC+01:00)

Week 4 – Using Faith, The Great Untapped Power

  • Learn what Faith is
  • Understand how your Faith turns the impossible into possible
  • Learn what stops Faith from working
  • You can have whatever you want, if you can only believe
  • Daily activities to increase your Faith
  • Learn how to make Faith your greatest unseen power, even in challenging times
  • Learn how to use your Faith to create new and exciting money streams
  • How to look for the opportunity in the midst of failure
  • Learn how to create a ‘Future Budget’ that will dramatically change how much money you earn


Money-Mind Secrets

From the only Australian guy featured in the movie "The Secret" David Schirmer and introduced by Mike Berry

Welcome to Episode Three from The Secret Webinar Series...


Week 4 – Using Faith, The Great Untapped Power


David will share his step-by-step strategies on how he went from a broke ex-farmer with only a high school education, no qualifications and no job, to building a multi-million dollar organisation and travelling the world. If he can, you can!

Please Note:
Please register anyway, even if you know that the timing won’t suit you this time…
I will be sending out the replay link immediately afterwards especially (only) for those who register their interest in advance.


Mind and Money Strategies - The Secret Webinar Series
Make ‘making money’ a habit rather than a fantasy! 

  • Week 1 – Why People Stay Stuck in Their Present Circumstances 
  • Week 2 – How Your Mind Actually Works 
  • Week 3 – Understanding the Law of Attraction and Learn How To Use It 
  • Week 4 – Using Faith, the Great Untapped Power 
  • Week 5 – Creating A Vision that Inspires and Empowers You 
  • Week 6 – 7 Steps to Creating Unlimited Wealth, Steps 1-3 
  • Week 7 - 7 Steps to Creating Unlimited Wealth, Steps 4-7 
  • Week 8 – Using Your Mind to Dramatically Increase Your Business Profits 
  • Week 9 – Fine turning the ‘Making Money’ Habit 
  • Week 10 – The Next 90 Days – The Step-by-Step Plan that will Change Your Life! 

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