Reputation Management - Why you need reviews


Why online reviews are so critical to your business

Join me your host Johnathan Carlson while I show you why you need to start getting more reviews and how to do this with ease. Crowed Love Us by Evolution Solution Marketing, Inc. review management software provides all-in-one access to manage your online reputation with a Dashboard, Detailed Analysis, and UNIQUE customizations for a tailored, faster, and stable experience. 

The depth of our Reviews Management Service is, on the one hand, daunting but on the other hand, it is the reason it sells and retains clients so well. Here are three of our top selling tips that go a long way with our clients:

Customization - one of the key elements that differentiate our service is the depth of customization. Every client and every business are different in how they operate, how they interact with their customers and how they consume information. The Reviews Management Platform's flexibility is one of its strengths. In a consultative sale approach, identify how your potential client operates and how they wish to interact with their clients. Then show them how you can customize the platform. Even so, you can assure them that as their business changes, the platform can change with them.

Response Creator - our newest feature is very visual and novel. In recent demonstrations, clients have reacted enthusiastically to this new feature. Read more about it below.

Local Biz Grader - Preparing a report for a client can really impress them. However, this report is intended to show them that management of reputation is no simple matter and that's where you can help them. Use it in your dialog and walk them through some examples of what they need to stand to gain when they improve their online business reputation.

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