Webinar software created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs Live webinars are, by far, the most powerful outreach method online as they allow you to interact with a large number of participants effectively and get them to take action. hqwebinar is a premium webinar platform that gives you everything you need to conduct high-quality, interactive webinars in HD quality using our robust video distribution system. Be these sales webinars, training webinars or informational webinars, hqwebinar has you covered! Get Free Trial Demo Video
For Entrepreneurs and Marketers As an entrepreneur and/or marketer, you know the power of interactively communicating with customers. Hqwebinar gives you all the tools to conduct webinars and boost your sales and share content with your customer base with ease.
For Businesses Whether it is a sales presentation you need to make to your customers, or a training session, there’s no better way - other than meeting up personally, which is often impractical - to communicate and interact with your customers. Hqwebinar provides you with all the tools you need to have engaging, high-converting interactions virtually.
For Companies Effectively managing internal and external communication is key to managing a growing and evolving organization. And webinars are the way to go if you want to communicate with a large audience, wherever they are. Interacting with customers and employees keeps them engaged and motivated. We understand those needs and have created hqwebinar to cater to them perfectly.
For Education Institutions Constantly evolving technology in a fast moving world makes it vital for you to be in touch with your students, even if interaction in a classroom setup is not possible. Emulating an interactive classroom environment is key, and that’s exactly what hqwebinar provides you.

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You don’t want to just sell, train or inform on a webinar. You want to connect! And when you connect, everything else becomes easy.
  • Conduct Sales Webinars Webinars are undoubtedly the most effective way of selling online, especially if you’re out to sell high-priced, high-ticket products or services and you want to have a long-lasting customer relationship. hqwebinar’s robust technology is the perfect platform to reach out to attendees and convert them into paying customers. 01
  • Give Demonstrations & Trainings We know that interaction is key to engagement. Conduct effective training and product demonstrations with a large audience at once to show all functions of your products in detail. Share your screen, make presentations, answer your participants’ functions and a lot more with hqwebinar. 02
  • Conduct Interviews or Podcasts If you have a podcast or interview show or channel, inviting guests, being on video on both sides and using interactive features like polls and chat can massively boost engagement. With hqwebinar you can easily run podcasts and interviews download your recordings for future/further use. 03
  • Run Live Online Summits Live online summits are super powerful as they get like-minded people together to talk about one or more related topics intensively. hqwebinar’s wide range of features let’s you have multiple presenters on screen. Breakout rooms (coming soon) give attendees the possibility to discuss selected topics in further details. 04
  • MBroadcast Announcements hqwebinar is an efficient tool for broadcasting important announcements and sharing information to a large audience while also keeping the channel of interaction active with participants. 05

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